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Basket Eddy is just a bunch of people who like to play music, be it Rootsy, jammy, Bluesy, Country, Rock, or Funk? Punk or experimental? Whatever or where ever the moment takes us...That's where we stand...We like to play originals but throw in a cover here and there...Carpe diem

To contact our booking agent please contact Adam Holquist at 814-490-3357 or email him... CLICK HERE

Band Members...

Seann Clark   Adam Holquist
Seann Clark   Adam Holquist
Doug Turner   John Clark
Tavon Markov   John Clark
Doug Turner    
Tony Kellogg    

Basket Eddy


The Mighty Sea
Seann Clark & Abby Barrett


Basket Eddy CD

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Quaker Poet: Friendship and Lies
(Seann Clark Solo Album)

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